Data collection equipment for wind turbines

Mobile Data Collection Equipment for wind turbines

Gain access to previously unavailable data from your wind turbine
Power Plant Controller

Electrical Panels: Power plant controllers and collection of SCADA-data

Control, regulation and data collection of wind parks

Spica Retrofit Controller with Spica Control System

Wind turbine control system for optimization and lifetime extension of your wind turbines

N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel

Customized Nordex N50 control panel with build in retrofit control system
Temperatur- und Feuchtigkeitssensor

Spica Temperature and Humidity sensor

Wind turbines are complex installations and are typically located offshore

FT7202LT wind sensor series

FT Technologies' current best-selling model used by wind turbine manufacturers...

FT722 wind sensor series

This model replaces the FT702 but features improved accuracy and superior performance...

FT742 wind sensor series

FT Technologies’ newest high-speed wind sensor for all wind power...