FT7202LT wind sensor series

A proven ultrasonic anemometer

FT Technologies’ current best-selling model used by wind turbine manufacturers around the world.

The FT702LT ultrasonic anemometer is the result of FT Technologies’ 10 years of experience in designing durable control wind sensors for the demanding environment outside a wind turbine. Users typically experience data availability of more than 99,9% as the ultrasonic anemometer keeps on working in many adverse environments where traditional sensors fail.

The FT702LT series has two physical mounting options. The flat front mounting for fitment to a bar or the pipe mount system fitment to a pipe. The pipe mount system gives improved environmental protection as the communication and power cable is kept fully protected inside the pipe.

The FT702LT series has been used on wind turbines for over 10 years. In that time more than 65.000 sensors have been installed all over the world from Mongolia to Alaska. Over 70% of all offshore wind turbines are fitted with an FT702LT sensor, and the sensor is used by 12 of the largest manufactures in the world.