Power Plant Controller and SCADA systems

Maximizing offshore wind efficiency with advanced SCADA panels

Choosing Spica Technology as your engineering and production partner for your next SCADA project invites you to have a unique, customized panel specifically designed for your need.

In the realm of offshore wind energy, both efficiency and reliability are vital aspects of your business. Connecting up to 100 wind turbines, Spicas PPC- and SCADA panels can help you gain your goal of automatic control, monitoring and regulation of large-scale wind power parks for both onshore and offshore.

Our Power Plant Controllers will in cooperation with our SCADA-systems enable your wind farm to comply with the different grid connection requirements worldwide and certify a reliable system operation of your wind park

Advancing wind performance is the focus point for all we do, as we wish to enable both wind park owners as well as their service providers to serve the systems easily.