Mobile Data Collection Equipment for wind turbines

Serving as an additional SCADA-system to gain access to previously unavailable data

With Spica Technology’s retrofitted control-solution you can now achieve data from your older wind turbines similar to new wind turbines. Through our extensive knowledge within condition monitoring, we have the capability to create effective data collection solutions for even the largest wind park owners.

Our Mobile Data Collection Equipment is equipped with more than 50 sensors. It is a perfect solution if the owner/operator wants access to additional data.

The mobile suitcase solution is easily connected with the original SCADA-system and allows the service technician to quickly install and uninstall the system and switch between multiple wind turbines. Possible custom solutions, such as monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain (blades or tower), yaw misalignment, torque, video or audio monitoring, can easily be added.

Perfectly fit for all wind turbine types

This mobile suitcase data collection equipment solution is built on standard components. It is perfectly fit for the wind turbine technician who travels around to test, operate and maintain wind turbines.