FT742 wind sensor series

An acoustic resonance wind sensor designed for turbine control

FT Technologies’ newest high-speed wind sensor for all wind power and meteorological applications.

The wind sensor FT742 is widely used in the wind turbine business, both onshore and offshore. It can measure wind speeds up to 75m/s making it suitable for use in the stormiest areas of the world.

The thermostatically controlled heating system prevents ice build-up, not only on the sensor itself, but also on the metal bar, metal adapter or pipe. This prevents blockage of the measurement cavity, reducing turbine downtime during heavy icing events.

Designed to last for up to 20 years, even in an offshore environment, the wind sensor is used by turbine manufacturers around the world. Highly resistant to electromagnetic and acoustic interference, it is also an ideal choice for smaller-scale wind turbines.

The hard-anodised aluminium body is highly resistant to corrosion, sand, dust, ice and solar radiation. The sensor is sealed to IP66 and IP67 standard and inherently compensates for changes in the air’s temperature, pressure and humidity.