Controller retrofit of 9 x Nordex N60 Wind Turbines in France has been finalized

Spica Technology has since autumn 2020 worked on a project…

Nordex N60/1.3 MW retrofit with automatic acoustic regulation plan, France

For the first time an automatic acoustic regulation plan is implemented in a 20-year-old Nordex N60/1.3 MW wind turbine

An entire wind farm of WW W5200 750kW, in Germany for Energiekontor AG

An entire wind farm retrofitted in Giersleben Retrofitting…

Software Upload Simulator, Vestas, Iberia

For Vestas in Spain/Portugal, Spica Technology has designed and…

Turbine controller with hydraulic transmission, Chapdrive, Denmark,

Development of new control system for an old Vestas V27 wind turbine

Service Terminal for Vestas wind turbines, WICOtech, Denmark

Spica developed a control unit for older Vestas wind turbines
Wind turbine control system

Development, construction, and deliverance of 12 control systems for 1 MW wind turbines, Nordic Windpower, USA

12 custom-made wind turbine control systems for 1 MW one-bladed wind turbines

Shadow Detection System, Vestas, Denmark

Development of Shadow Detection System
Nordex N50 retrofit

5 Nordex N50/800kW turbines retroffitted, in Denmark for SA Energi

First 5 Nordex N50 turbines were retrofitted with Spica Retrofit Controller within a few weeks during the spring 2018