An entire wind farm of WW W5200 750kW, in Germany for Energiekontor AG

An entire wind farm retrofitted in Giersleben

Retrofitting of the 16 turbines at the wind farm at Giersleben was carried out quite fast. The entire project was completed and handed over within three months, during Spica Technology’s technicians retrofitted the entire wind farm consisting of 16 wind turbines – type WindWorld 750kW and completed the installation of SCADA monitoring.

“However, it’s not something the customers demand, that it should go quickly. But it is important for us that we do not disturb the customer more than necessary. There will always be disturbances when we start replacing the controllers; turbines produce less, there could be many questions to answer and decisions to make. So the faster we can get the turbines up and running, the less we disturb the customer,” explains Benny Thomsen, CEO at Spica Technology and adds:

“At Spica Technology we are very focused on delivering smart solutions and not a head ache. We are proud to deliver solutions where everything works, when our technicians leave the site. Furthermore, we provide a full support to all our installations. It gives our customers peace of mind.”


Time lapse showing the installation process of the Spica SCS Controller: