Spica launches Spanish website

In the spring, Spica Technology established the Spanish subsidiary Spica Controls S.L.U. Now, we are ready to launch a Spanish website to serve our Spanish-speaking customers: www.spicacontrols.es

“It has now been 4 months since we started Spica Controls in Spain, and I am proud to say that we are going live with our new Spanish website. Going into the Spanish market, we knew from the beginning that being close to the customers with our office in Barcelona, support in Spanish and now a Spanish website is the only way to get in,” comments Martin Gamst, Director Iberia of Spica Controls in Spain, and continues:

“The website reflects the focus of Spica Controls as a partner in retrofitting and life extension on a Spanish market that has a fair amount of turbines that are more than 20 years old. We believe that Spica Controls has the best possibilities to help our Spanish customers in this way.

Furthermore, with a link to our fairly new international webshop from the Spanish website where we sell Bachmann PLC modules – the very high-end of the market, we believe – we are looking forward to see what the customers say about our new initiative,” he adds.

In terms of web design, the Spanish website is coherent with the English corporate website of Spica Technology, and you will find some of the same information from the English website on the Spanish website to some extent if it serves a purpose for our Spanish-speaking customers.

At Spica, we look forward to introducing the Spanish website and enhance our online presence on the Spanish market.

Spica Controls is a subsidiary established by Spica Technology ApS. Spica Controls focuses on Spica Control System (SCS), life extension of ageing wind turbines and sales and support of Bachmann PLC modules and FT wind sensors. Read the full news release of the establishment from June.

Released October 24th, 2017.