Spica is going to push growth in Spain

Spica Technology ApS seizes an untapped business opportunity in the Spanish and Portuguese wind power sector and establishes the subsidiary Spica Controls S.L.U. in Barcelona to meet the demands of retrofitting old wind turbines in Iberia and rest of Spain.

Local presence to strengthen the business

Spica Controls S.L.U. is a trading and technical support company with the purpose to meet the increasing demands of retrofitting old wind turbines and to be close to the Spanish and Portuguese customers in the wind power industry. The focus for Spica Controls will be Spica Control System, life extension of old wind turbines including retrofit and sales and support of Bachmann PLC modules. Retrofit is about installing new technology and new control systems in old wind turbines which then optimizes the performance and extend the life of the turbine.

“We consider Europe to be our home market for the wind power business. For this reason, it is natural for us to expand to the Spanish market who holds the second largest capacity of wind power in Europe. Because of the economic depression that has affected the Spanish energy sector, there is a great potential for our retrofit solutions – and at the same time, we can help push the growth in the Spanish energy sector,” says Benny Thomsen, CEO at Spica Technology.

Retrofit for an economically depressed market

Spain is still affected by the economic crisis from 2008. This means that they have an increased focus on energy efficiency and savings, shows the latest sector analysis from The Trade Council that was published earlier this month. This opens doors for a business potential to increase the productivity of the existing wind power farms and thus the interest of retrofit solutions for the old wind turbines in Spain and Portugal.

“After the crisis in Spain, there are not many new wind farms. This means that a great part of the wind farms here in Spain are a bit older – and that is our market. Old wind turbines that no longer run as they should because of outdated controls. Controls you no longer can provide with new spare parts. A challenge we are able to solve for the customers,” says Director Iberia, Martin Gamst who is responsible for the new office in Spain.

Europe’s second largest wind power market

In 2016 wind power was the second largest energy resource in Spain according to the Spanish trade organization AEE. Also, the latest sector analysis from The Trade Council shows that wind power represents a share of 17 % of the total energy production in Spain. With a total installed wind capacity over 23 GW by the end of 2016, Spain holds the position of being Europe’s second largest wind power market and is the fifth country in the world in terms of installed wind power.

“Spica has chosen the ideal time to establish their business in the Spanish market. There is a need to renovate the obsolete wind farm in Spain. Furthermore, it seems the business of new wind turbines is getting started again to reach the 2020 goals. From the Danish Embassy in Madrid we follow the development close and are looking forward to cooperating with Spica,” says Lasse Bagge Hansen, Senior Commercial Advisor from The Trade Council in Spain.

For more information, please contact CEO Benny Thomsen on mobile +45 22 95 14 40 or by email to bto@spicatech.dk.

News release, June 16th 2017.


Contact information for Spica Controls S.L.U.

Spica Controls S.L.U.
C/ Beethoven 15 Floor 2 Door 7
08021 Barcelona
Director Iberia, M.Sc.EE
Martin Gamst
E: mag@spicacontrols.es
Tel. ES +34 662 166 949
Tel. DK +45 30 30 30 02


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