2017 offered sales record for Spica

Spica has been interviewed by the Danish regional newspaper Midtjyllands Avis who yesterday brought an article in its business section about Spica and our recently published revenue for 2017.

2017 offered sales record for Spica Technology. Spica Technology ended the year 2017 with a netto profit of DKK 1.9M against DKK 1.2M in 2016. With the opening of sales offices in Spain and Germany, 2017 was a year with lots of challenges and bustle. A turbulent year with both a positive side and a downside: The loss of one of our two founders: Lars Gleesborg.

Lars Gleesborg suddenly died in the fall after a short period of illness. Our CEO Benny Thomsen tells the newspaper about the loss:

“Lars was one of the original founders of Spica Technology in 1997. It affected us all in the company for a great period before we found ourselves again.”

Today, Spica Technology is owned by our CEO Benny Thomsen and the other original founder of Spica, our CTO Anders B. Jensen.

The greatest retrofit to date

However, it was not all bad. In 2017, Spica Technology landed a retrofit order of a wind farm in Arrild, Denmark, with 12 Wind World turbines that is being executed as we speak. Non other Danish retrofit companies have done this before.

Spica Technology will bring more about this retrofit story in the following months, so stay tuned.

Read the full article online from Midtjyllands Avis in Danish here (please note, it requires a subscription though): https://www.mja.dk/artikel/spica-i-silkeborg-prsenterer-flot-vkstkurve

The Danish online media Energy Supply did also bring a small piece about Spica and our revenue for 2017.

For more information, contact our CEO Benny Thomsen at bto@spicatech.dk or call +45 22 95 14 40.