An entire wind farm of Wind World W4200/600kW, in Denmark for Momentum Gruppen A/S

Denmark: An entire wind farm retrofitted with a new control system for the first time in the Danish wind turbine industry.

Within a few weeks before the summer 2018, Spica Technology retrofitted an entire wind farm in Arrild. The Danish wind farm consists of 12 Wind World W4200 600kW turbines that were retrofitted with a new control system for Momentum Gruppen and Green Power Partners in Denmark.

The 12 wind turbines that are placed in the southern Denmark is owned by Green Power Partners and managed by Momentum Gruppen. The wind turbines were in reasonably good mechanical conditions, but Momentum experienced several challenges with the turbines:

– Continuously stops and errors.
– Often no possibility in troubleshooting the causes for errors.
– Challenges in supplying spare parts to the original control system from Vest Control.

For Momentum, repowering was not an option due to the turbines’ good mechanical conditions. The wind turbines were still set for years of operation and placed in an area that was not cut for repowering in the coming years. For that reason, Momentum was in the need for a future-proof solution that could resolve their challenges and was based on contemporary components.

A simple solution was needed

It was important for Momentum that the solution was familiar with a control system from the most common wind turbine types in Denmark – a simple solution with a known structure and user interface – for the sake of their service technicians.

“I have followed Spica Technology throughout the years since their first Micon retrofit and steadily developing a consistent solution fitted for other types of wind turbines. The knowledge of their experience and their number of retrofits, where the customers are still satisfied, made me comfortable in recommending the Spica Retrofit Controller for our client Green Power Partners,” says Jeppe Lyngaae, Senior Technical Manager for Momentum Gruppen.

Remote access to solve several challenges

After the retrofit installation of the control system in the 12 Wind World W4200 turbines, Momentum experienced a far better direct access to the current operation of the turbines and the possibility to solve several challenges with remote access. The Spica Retrofit Controller with Spica Control System helped Momentum to:

– Compare data between the turbines.
– Predict and optimise maintenance.
– Customise settings and parameters.

Optimised operation with accurate and consistent data

“As the first turbines were retrofitted, it did not take long before we experienced major positive progress with the turbines. With more accurate and consistent data from the turbines, we can now troubleshoot the causes that interrupt the operation,” explains Jeppe Lyngaae and continues:

“Now, the turbines deliver more flawless operation than before. Since the retrofit installation in the late spring, there has been strong indications that the operation will the dominated by planned maintenance visits rather than service calls with limited troubleshooting in the control system like before.”

With the Spica Retrofit Controller, the 12 Wind World W4200 turbines are now equipped with Spica Control System and Spica Dual Display in the tower for a more optimised and consistent operation and maintenance.

About Momentum Gruppen
Momentum Gruppen A/S manages assets for more than DKK 4 billion and administrates solar parks and wind farms with a total capacity of +600 MW distributed on +400 wind turbines and 25 photovoltaic systems. This makes them one of the largest management companies in Denmark.
About Green Power Partners
Green Power Partners II Group manages investments in solar PV in England and wind projects in Denmark. The company’s main shareholders are the Danish pension companies AP Pension and PBU.

Released September 25th, 2018.


Spica Technology retrofitting another Wind World turbine in Nauen, Germany: