Nordex N27/150kW, in Denmark for Decowicon A/S

“The Spica Retrofit Controller was the best alternative to an obsolete controller”

“Our old Nordex N27 wind turbine is in a fine mechanical condition, but the old control system was causing some downtime due to unexplained electrical failures. After the installation of the plug-and-play controller from Spica Technology, our turbine was quickly up and running again.

The extensive event log in the Spica Retrofit Controller has proven to be an excellent tool for turbine optimisation,” tells CEO of Decowicon A/S, Poul Erik Nielsen and states:

“Our 25 years of Nordex wind turbine experience and know-how makes a big difference when errors causing turbine downtime need to be traced.

A wind turbine is a complicated machine and requires the complex electrical, hydraulics and mechanical systems to function as a single integrated unit. Errors can therefore sometimes be difficult to localize, particularly when they are intermittent.

We, however, are highly specialised in Nordex systems and, unlike other service companies, we work exclusively with just one wind turbine type, Nordex wind turbines. This specialisation will be reflected in both the efficiency of your wind turbine’s operation and its financial performance.”

Original Controller

Spica retrofit Controller