Video: Retrofitting the control system in Nordex N50 wind turbine

During the summer 2019, Spica Technology completed another retrofit project for the Danish energy company SA Energi I/S. This timelapse video demonstrates the 4-day installation process of a new control system in a Nordex N50 wind turbine placed in Ildved, Denmark.

The Nordex N50 wind turbine is retrofitted with our latest retrofit solution for wind turbines – customised for Nordex N50 wind turbines. This retrofit solution is the Spica Retrofit Controller with the Spica Control System integrated in a special designed nacelle panel customised to fit in the nacelle in a Nordex N50.

The video demonstrates our 4-day installation process of the new control system in 1 out of 4 N50 wind turbines that we conducted for SA Energi during the summer 2019.

Back in the spring of 2018, Spica Technology retrofitted some of the first Nordex N50 wind turbines for SA Energi. One of the managers of SA Energi, Steen Lund, said the following about our system and the retrofit project:

We are more than satisfied with the service from Spica Technology and the new control system in our 5 Nordex N50 turbines. The turbines are now reliable which makes them much more pleasant to service. Furthermore, our troubleshooting is much easier than ever before.

Read the full case story from SA Energi here.

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