Video: Company visit at Spica Technology telling how to succeed with export

On April 8th, 2019, Spica Technology hosted a company visit in collaboration with ErhvervSilkeborg and the Danish Export Association. The main subject of the event was focused on how to succeed with export in the global wind turbine market followed by a company tour at our facilities on Ørstedsvej in Silkeborg.

The DNA of Exports

Sebastian Schwarz from the Danish Export Association enlightened the participants at the event that only 6% of the Danish companies are exporting. 10% of the exporting companies are carrying 90% of the total export.

An analysis, based on international research and statistical data carried out by Tuborg Research Centre for Globalisation and Firms, Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences and Danish Export Association, shows that those companies that succeed in export have 5 successful factors in common:

– Costs
– People
– Productivity
– Network
– Quality

Learn more about the 5 factors to succeed in export at or contact Sebastian Schwarz at the Danish Export Association.

The right mindset is everything

With a turnover of 67% export, Spica Technology is part of the 6% exporting companies. For us, it is all about having the right mindset in the company and among our employees. It takes time, patience, focus and stability to succeed in the global wind turbine market. We have found our DNA of export to succeed in the wind turbine business.

At Spica Technology, we are wind turbine specialists in electrical control panels and control systems. We take on projects from small one-day projects to large-scale engineering projects such as development projects from idea to installed solution. We have the capacity to make a single customised solution into a production of series.

To learn more about Spica Technology, do not hesitate to contact Benny Thomsen.

The presenters:

Sebastian Schwarz
Head of Administration & HR
Danish Export Association
Benny Thomsen
Spica Technology