Spica Technology will be moving into a new facility

The last years have without doubt been busy for Spica Technology. Over the last year 6 new employees have been onboarded within design, production, and software development and with the current number of projects in pipeline this means that Spica slowly but surely will be growing out of the current domicile.

Virksomheden Spica Technology ApS har købt Borg-ejendommen, og Spica-direktør Benny Thomsen og co fortæller om planer og muligheder i fremtiden i denne forbindelse. Foto: Martin Ballund

This has led to Spica Technology purchasing a new domicile in Silkeborg (similar area as the current location). The current facility of Borg Automotive.

Spica has over the years moved focus more towards offshore wind, which generally requires larger and more complex development and testing environments. Furthermore, the scopes of offshore projects often stretch over a few years, making it possible to looking into future capacity. By this reason, Spica strategically has decided to expand the business towards future offshore projects.

“By moving to our new location, we have secured our ability to develop yet more complex controller solutions towards offshore wind, and yet expand our staff in the process” – says CEO Benny Thomsen

To begin with, the new facility will be much larger than what is necessary for Spica Technology. Furthermore, the idea of moving into the new facility, is to create a green office environment that invites other businesses that work with sustainable energy as well, to move in with them.

“To begin with, we have more space than what is needed. However, our vision is to invite one or two business partners, to move in with us and create an office environment where state-of-the-art sustainable solutions are made towards green energy” – says Benny Thomsen.

The current plan is that Spica Technology will move production to the new facility by the end of 2022 followed by the administration in 2023/24. At the same time, the plan is to also keep the old facility as a test and data center.

You can read the Danish version of this article from Midtjyllands Avis here