Spica Technology visits Østerild Test and Visitor Center

ØSTERILD, DENMARK | As a dedicated supplier to the wind power industry, Spica Technology is always keenly interested in developments at the world’s largest wind turbine test center, the Østerild Test Center in Thy, Denmark. The test center’s primary purpose is for manufacturers (OEMs) to test their newest and most advanced wind turbines on land. This allows for easier and more cost-effective adjustments and testing. Imagine the complexity and expense involved in having engineers and service technicians travel to offshore wind turbines.

Visiting Østerild Test Center offers a unique opportunity to see, firsthand, wind turbines that are typically installed several kilometers offshore.

Spica Technology at Østerild Test Center

Spica Technology at Østerild Test Center

An insightful visit to Østerild

Team Spica had the opportunity to visit Østerild Test Center. The visit provided us with valuable insights into the daily operations of the test center and the challenges faced in bringing it to being a reality. The test center plays a crucial role in advancing especially the offshore wind industry, and it was truly inspirational to witness some of the world’s largest wind turbines up close.

For many on our team, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as wind turbines of this size are rarely seen onshore. We were given a comprehensive and engaging guided tour, where we had the privilege of observing these enormous turbines, which are designed to live and excel offshore. The impression they left on us was huge.

Spica Technology at Østerild Test Center

Spica Technology at Østerild Test Center

V236-15.0 MW wind turbine

One very particular wind turbine made a significant impression on us all. It is rare for Spica Technology to visit the wind turbines for which we produce electrical systems. However, on this day, we had the unique chance to do so.

A highlight of our visit was witnessing the towering V236-15.0 MW wind turbine up close. With a staggering tip height of 280 meters, this marvel of engineering represents the top of wind turbine innovation. Spica Technology is proud to have contributed to this project by supplying electrical panels, showcasing our commitment to supporting sustainable energy solutions.

Spica Technology at Østerild Test Center

V236-15.0 MW at Østerild Test Center


Bridging professionalism with leisure

No company trip is complete without a touch of leisure. Our visit to Østerild was not only professionally enriching but also a delightful experience. After an informative and engaging tour, we concluded the day in the coziest surroundings with a great dinner.

At Spica Technology, we believe in the importance of keeping up with the latest industry developments. Our visit to Østerild Test Center exemplified how we sometimes mix professionalism with a touch of leisure, ensuring a well-rounded experience for our team.

This enriching experience has only heightened our enthusiasm for helping our clients produce exceptional wind turbines worldwide. Spica Technology designs and innovates custom electrical systems, including SCADA, for wind turbines and substations across the globe.

Spica Technology visiting Østerild Test Center