Spica Technology buys an old Nordex N60 wind turbine


It is not new, that we at Spica Technology have supplied retrofit solutions towards older wind turbines in need. This is something that we at Spica have contributed with for almost 10 years. Now we have however bought our own Nordex N60 (1MW), to prove the positive effect of our concept of retrofitting.

The concept of retrofitting old turbines becomes more relevant, for each day that comes, since more and more land turbines in Europe are reaching their designed lifetime of 20 years in average. When we at Spica began developing our first retrofit solution in 2013, most of the turbines in need where smaller KW/Stall turbines, where the business case for retrofitting was very depending on reduced costs for future repair and an increase in availability. Today we start seeing larger MW turbines that have reached their designed lifetime of 20 years, where the business case is more obvious, as an increase in availability results in a much higher turnover from the turbine, due the new capacity to produce more power (from less downtime).

Another important aspect of retrofitting is the idea of life-extending old turbines, to run for at least another 10 – 15 years, hereby giving turbine owners more turnover from their turbine investment, overall. One fact that however has not been discussed as much until now, is that life-extending older turbines also has a positive environmental aspect to it. By dismantling old turbines and replacing them with new, the wind industry sadly also has an impact on the environment, through the use of natural resources and emission of carbon in the production and transportation process. Furthermore, turbines that today are about 20 years of age, are built very robust and generally can run for many years more.

Today in Denmark there are over 2500 old wind turbines in the size of 500 – 1300 KW, that originally stands to be dismantled after their designed lifetime. Through retrofit, these turbines can get a new life, and produce clean energy towards 10 – 15 years more” – Says CTO, Anders B. Jensen “At Spica Technology we have therefore decided to make an example and prove our concept, buy purchasing an old Nordex turbine, life-extending it and hereby making it produce clean energy for an additional 15 years. Hereby also allowing ourselves to say, that Spica Technology becomes more sustainable, as we reproduce the amount of energy that is used in the production of solutions at our facility

Through purchasing a wind turbine and supplying energy, Spica hereby becomes an energy provider, therefore initiating a new concept named – Spica Energy. “We are on the lookout for more turbines, that we can retrofit and run through Spica Energy. This way we can document the benefits of our retrofit controller solution towards our clients and contribute to the environment with the production of clean energy” – Says CEO, Benny Thomsen


Quick facts:

  • Spica has purchased an old Nordex N60 and retrofitted it
  • In Denmark there our more than 2500 turbines in the size of 500 – 1300 KW, that are over 20 years old and hereby set to be dismantled.
  • Spica Technology is to this day the company that has supplied most retrofitted turbines in Europe, delivering almost 100 retrofitted turbines in total.
  • The Spica Retrofit solution contains a new controller combined with a smart software.

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