Spica delivers PPA panels for 900MW He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm

With expected delivery in the beginning of 2024, Spica Technology are to deliver four PPA panels for the He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm of 64 V236-15MW turbines.

Facts about the wind farm

  • Expected to start operations in 2025
  • Is going to be 63 square meters
  • Expected to produce 3,9 billion kWh pr. Year
  • This is approximately 1 billion household’s yearly consumption
  • Will exist of 64 V236-15MW turbines
  • A project by EnBW and Vestas

Facts about the four panels

  • They are to be installed in the Wind Farm’s substation
  • They are to be delivered in January 2024
  • They took us approximately six months and 440 man-hours to design and build

If you have any questions regarding Spica Technology’s role in the He Dreiht Offshore Wind Farm, please contact CTO, Anders B. Jensen at +45 22 90 14 40.



Offshore wind energy from EnBW

He Dreiht Offshore Wind Project, Germany (power-technology.com)