After 13 years: Crestwing is testing offshore with a control system from Spica

On December 5th, Crestwing’s prototype of a half-scale wave energy plant was shipped out to its final destination in Kattegat northeast of the islands of Hirsholmene in Frederikshavn Municipality. To the wave energy project, Spica Technology has delivered the control system that among other functions includes collection of SCADA data, online interface for remote control and video surveillance.

“It feels great. I am lucky to be surrounded by competent people who are as passionate about this project as I am. That energy and commitment have made it possible to get this far”, said Ruth Bloom, Director of Crestwing, when she was able to toast in a glass of well-deserved champagne with her closest staff and partners.

“It has taken us 13 years and about 30 million DKK to test ideas and functions in the wave energy plant and to develop this prototype, Tordenskiold”.

>> Read the press release from Crestwing.

Spica Technology got involved in the project during the last years of the development in 2017 and could finally help getting the protype launched this autumn.

13 years for better and for worse

It has been 13 years with both ups and downs leading to the final development of Tordenskiold due to the economy. The funding has only been coming in small amounts over time causing the great delays.

Now, the prototype is on its final journey of a 2-year test period to test its main purpose of the plant’s anchorage and function at sea and confirm the expected production of energy.

“Crestwing is in no way similar to other wave energy plants and utilizes the energy of the waves in a unique way as the plant mainly utilizes atmospheric pressure for the production of energy”, explains Ruth Bloom and continues:

“We are looking forward to establish that wave energy can be a significant player in the market of renewable energy”.

Stay tuned, when Spica Technology will bring a case story about our contribution to the project in the beginning of 2019.

>> Read the original article in Danish at Energy Supply that inspired to this news release.

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