5 Nordex N50 turbines retrofitted with Spica Control System

With an average installation time of 4 days for each turbine, the 5 Nordex N50 turbines were retrofitted with Spica Retrofit Controller within a few weeks during the spring 2018. The 5 turbines are owned by the Danish energy company SA Energi that operates over 70 turbines in Denmark such as Nordtank, NEG Micon and Nordex turbines.

The 5 N50 turbines are placed in the Søndersø area with two in Maderup and two in Toderup on the Danish island Fyn, and with one in Brædstrup in Jutland, Denmark.

Before the retrofit installation with a new control system from Spica Technology, the N50 turbines were equipped with an original Nordex control system from Phoenix which was complicated and had limited access to several functions e.g.:

– Limited safety functions.
– Limited remote functions in the nacelle.
– Limited SCADA data for predictive maintenance.

Furthermore, the turbines stopped again and again and did not produce any energy 2/3 of the time. SA Energi had challenges in troubleshooting the causes and could not figure out why they stopped.

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