Spica PT100 Emulator

>> For safe testing of software to hardware <<

The PT100 emulator from Spica Technology is what all system and software developers have been waiting for throughout the last years.

System engineers that want to test their system software against the actual hardware can now automate their PT100 signals instead of turning potentiometers. Have the possibilities to make advanced ramp functions on several channels simultaneously, e.g. for wind turbine applications or any other large machinery where many (or few) PT100 channels are used.

One board contains 8 individually isolated channels and makes use of a simple RS422 communication interface. All 8 channels and the communication are galvanic isolated from the common 24VDC power supply. The emulator board can be built into a box to meet customer requirements. A standard box with space for up to 12 cards is available complete with Ethernet communication and power supply.

The temperature range is from -100 °C to +350 °C with 0.1 °C resolution. The emulator can handle sensor measuring current from 50uA to 1,2mA. The current is measured with 1nA resolution, which is used to calculate accurate voltage over the emulated PT100 sensor. The emulator makes use of resistance calculation based on IEC 60751, with 4 decimals (0.0001ohm).