Spica Oil Level & Temperature Monitor

>> Get warned before a temperature or a level gets critical <<

Low levels and high temperatures are often reason for unplanned stops. By adding Spica Oil Level & Temperature Monitor, you can get a warning before a temperature or a level gets critical.

Due to the magnets on the backside of the module, the Level Monitor can easily be mounted anywhere on a metal (iron) surface. All connections are done through prefabricated cables with moulded plugs to ensure a reliable and water tight connection (IP67).

The PT100 sensors are delivered with 3 or 5-meter silicone cable (standard), complete with moulded M12 connector. Other cable length can be delivered on request. The 4.20 mA input is supported with a 2 meter cable, which also is supplied in the kit.

The level Monitor is powered by 24VDC from the control system. Internally, the system is galvanic isolated to ensure electrical surges is kept out of the control system. The signals to the control system are provided by galvanic isolated relay contacts. The signals and the power supply share the same cable to the top-box.